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4/08 Molokai Ranch Formally Agrees to Gift Molokai Land Trust 1,600 Acres

Molokai Properties Limited has entered a binding agreement with Molokai Land Trust (MLT) to gift 1,600 acres on the island of Molokai known as the Mokio parcel.

The lands at Mokio are considered some of the most pristine and environmentally sensitive on Molokai.

The remote Mokio parcel consists of a five mile stretch along the north shore of Molokai and was nominated by the Environmental Committee of the Enterprise Community “as the most environmentally significant of lands owned by Molokai Ranch.”

Mokio parcel, stretches along the north shore of Molokai between Mo’omomi and Illio Point

2/08 TPL Purchases 3,716 acres at the Moanalua Nature Preserve

TPL has completed the purchase of the Moanalua Nature Preserve consisting of the Kamana Nui and Kamana Iki Valleys from the Estate of Samuel Mills Damon. Tim Johns, the Chief Operating Officer of the Estate of Samuel Mills Damon, said this transaction protects “one of Oahu’s natural treasures.”

2/08 Kaua’i Public Land Trust Receives Donation of Land from The Canela Group

On February 11th, the Canela Group deeded a 17,000 square foot parcel of land in Wainiha, HI to Kaua’i Public Land Trust. The generous donation was made in honor of Mary McGregor Ballard. The land will be preserved in perpetuity for public benefit.

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01/08 Haleakala National Park acquires Nuu Ranch

Haleakala National Park purchased the former Nuu Ranch, expanding the park by 4,300 acres with a section of an ahupuaa extending from the crater rim to the ocean. Read the January 2008 story at

01/08 KPLT acquires a piece of coastal land

Marking their fourth successfully completed transaction, KPLT, in 2007, received a donation of a 17,000 square foot piece of coastal land just west of Wainiha Bay. Read more about this in the KPLT December 2007 newsletter.

12/07 Maui Coastal Land Trust Receives Easement Over 2,800 acres at Puu O Hoku Ranch on Molokai

In late 2007, Maui Coastal Land Trust completed a conservation easement on 2,800 acres at Puu O Hoku Ranch on Molokai. The conserved land will be preserved for open space and agricultural use. Read the full story in Maui News. Listen to the interview with Hawaii Public Radio.

Maui Coastal Land Trust receives easement protecting 35 acres at Kipahulu Landing

Documented remnants of a Hawaiian fishing village and more recent historical structures indicate Kipahulu Landing has been a vital ocean and shoreline access point for the people of East Maui for hundreds of years.

Thirty-five (35) acres of this beautiful shoreline parcel was recently protected as MCLT signed on to oversee a conservation easement placed on the land as mandated in its sale by The Nature Conservancy (from MCLT’s Coastalviews). Read more at MCLT’s site.

MCLT Purchases Easement over East Molokai Lands with FRPP and Legacy Land Funds

Third-generation rancher Kip Dunbar protected 168 acres of his Kainalu Ranch on Molokai’s south-eastern shore with an agricultural conservation easement last week thanks to two unprecedented conservation grants leveraged by the Maui Coastal Land Trust (MCLT). The first grants of their kind in Hawai’i came from the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP), run by the United States Department of Agriculture and the State of Hawai’i’s Legacy Land Conservation Program, run by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (from MCLT’s Coastalviews). Read more at MCLT’s site or at


On June 27, 2007, TPL concluded its purchase of the Pūpūkea parcel on Oahu. They have turned 25 acres over to the city and county of Honolulu and plan to convey the rest as funds become available…Read more

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