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The Land Trust Alliance recently published some concise, helpful “Fact Sheets” on a variety of conservation topics. We have posted three that will be of particular interest to landowners:

Lea Hong of TPL Explores Funding Sources at O`ahu Forum

One of the most daunting tasks facing all conservation organizations is fundraising. However, new funding sources have recently become available in Hawai`i, which now has the distinction of being the only state with dedicated conservation financing available not only at the state level but in each of its counties. During January’s Land Trust Forum on O`ahu, Lea Hong, director of The Trust for Public Land’s Hawaiian Islands Program, identified several fundraising strategies that land conservation organizations should consider when taking on a new land project.

For example, the Hawai`i Legislature adopted Act 156 in 2005, leading to the creation of the new Legacy Land Conservation Program (LLCP). LLCP provides funds to government agencies and nonprofits for the acquisition of lands (or easements over such lands) with important resources, such as coastal areas, beaches, agricultural production sites, and cultural and historical sites. Hong explained that the financial commitment of a county will often open doors to mainland funding sources.

Some Hawai`i nonprofits are using this “leveraging” strategy to obtain matching funds under the federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP) administered by the Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. The combined LLCP and FRPP funds are being used to protect farmlands from development. Prior to the establishment of LLCP and the various county conservation funds, Hawai`i’s land trusts were unable to tap FRPP funds, which have been popular in many mainland states for a decade.

Download Hong’s informative Power Point presentation.

Acquire a Funding Resource Guide!

View a great comprehensive funding matrix, courtesy of Hawai`i Legacy Land Conservation Program Coordinator, Molly Schmidt

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